Childhood Loses Itself In The Hands Of Poverty

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Childhood loses itself in the hands of poverty

the swollen revealed ribs, the permanently settled disappointment in the eyes and the load on the weak shoulders of the miserable creatures completely defines the curse of child labor. poverty has compelled this child to struggle beyond his power. the need of money, the pain of starvation, the urge to earn something for his family, all these factors leave him with all the deprivations he could suffer from. he is earning for food and is as thin as a skeleton; he is struggling with a hope that his hard work would improvise his condition and talking about the reward he is granted, is much less than he deserves.

so who should be considered responsible for this inhumanity? of course this is the incompetency of the government of the state who is unable to ensure the regulation of money from higher class to the widely- populated- lowest paid- portion of the society. what is the use of the taxation system if labor is imposed on a child in order to fulfill his/her basic needs? doesn’t that put a question mark on the state’s responsibility and efficiency when a rich keeps on getting richer and a poor keeps on getting poor? yes it does, but how to overcome this major social issue should be the main focus.

according to the un, poverty emerges as the most compelling reason why children work. poor households spend the bulk of their income on food and the income provided by working children is often critical to their survival. however, poverty is not the only factor in child labor and cannot justify all types of employment and servitude.child labor should be overcome as soon as possible because children are just as delicate as flowers, and flowers can’t be loaded with heavy bricks. and if burdened, flowers can’t sustain and become withered.

Rameen Syed

Rameen Syed is doing BS hons from Punjab university (journalism) currently working with Pakistan Point as a content writer.