Speakers call for promotion of regional languages

PESHAWAR, (Pakistan Point News - 17th Jan, 2017 ) : The speakers at conference here Tuesday underlined the need for promotion of regional languages in the country. The Gandhara Hindko Board and Gandhara Hindko Academy jointly arranged 8th KP languages and Cultures Conference (Soobai Saqafti Mela) in the Auditorium of Gandhara Hindko Academy here.

General Secretary Muhammad Ziauddin of Gandhara Hindko Board was the Coordinator of this Mela, while deputy coordinators were Inam Ullah Torwali and Meharban Illahi. Hina Tahir, a Research Officer at the Gandhara Hindko Academy, had organised the event.

It was chaired by Farhat Jabeen (Widow of founding-chairman of the Gandhara Hindko Board, Professor Dr Zahoor Ahmad Awan). The function was conducted by Joint Secretary Ahmed Nadeem Awan of Gandhara Hindko Board, while it was hosted by General Secretary Muhammad Ziauddin, Farhat Jabeen, Mehrban Illahi, Zahida Noor and Inam Ullah Torwali.

The theme of the Mela was to promote 27 languages of the KP, which does KP possess. Vice-chairman Dr Salahuddin, General Secretary Muhammad Ziauddin, Joint Secretary Ahmad Nadeem Awan and executive committee members of the board, including, Sikandar Hayat Sikandar, Sadiq Saba, Waseem Shahid, Director of Gandhara Hindko Academy Dr.

Zafar Iqbal, renowned Hindko/Urdu poet Syed Saeed Gillani, Asmat Ullah Dameli, Project Director of FLI Zaman Sagar, Prof. Malik Nasir Daud and Nazir Hussain Kaselwi, Mrs. Dur-e-Shahwar, Actor Najeem Ullah Anjum and people from various walks of life attended the function.

On this occasion, welcome charts were displayed in different languages of KP.

Three different stalls were displayed on from Khuwend-o-kor, 2nd of Peshawari Chappal and Qaraqul and third of books for Language Initiative and got the attention of the public.

This Mela represented the all languages of KP in which Khuwar, Hindko, Saraeki, Gorbati, Sheena, Goojri, Pahari, Dameli, Torwali, Kohistani, Pashto, Gawri and Palwa. The Vice Chairman Dr. Salahuddin of Gandhara Hindko Board expressed his views to include and promote all languages.

He further said Gandhara Hindko Board was only an organization which had been working for the promotion of Hindko as well as for the other languages and is representing all. Inayat Ullah Khalil, Asmat Ullah Dameli, Inam Ullah Torwali, General Secretary Muhammad Zia ud Din of GHB, Director Dr.

Zafar Iqbal of GHA presented their papers which were appreciated by the audience. Muhammad Ziauddin, General Secretary Gandhara Hindko Board said languages are our recognition and identity of regions and joint efforts required for its promotion.

He gave a proposal that Hind Aryaai languages of KP may be called as Hindkowan and the term "Hindkowan" for the KP Hind Aryaai languages. He said we had started to promote all the languages from KP and will continue the same efforts in this regard.

Poetic session, in which the Hindko and the poets of different languages presented their poetry, has received appreciation. The writers, participants, poets were given away the certificates. Four resolutions were also moved on demanding provincial Government for taking measures for development of all languages and cultures of KP.

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